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Technical education is lightening up and stretching its branches. One should not be complacent after accomplishing and standing at the pedestal of a simple education rather should try to become proficient in technical field also. It is assimilation of knowledge and dormant abilities which can work wonders and harness new energies to tame the world full of technical and industrial advancements.

In 1956 Government of India and State Government had decided to open up ITIs'under the policy set up by DGE & T and Administration of State Govt. It was our bad luck that in 1962, 1965 and 1975 the war was imposed on us by the neighboring countries. During this period we could not implement our plans speedily. After 1980 Govt agian took the initiative to boost it up. Numbers of ITI were set up by various State Govts, to fulfil the requirement of industries. After 1991 again we headed towards globalisation in industrial sector but Govt, could not fulfil the requirements of industries. So the Govt, declare the Private Sector to come in forefront and open up ITI's as per demand of industry and give skilled workers to the industry.

an aclaimed institute, it is a part of the education chain to fulfil the requirement of skilled artisan for various Industries. We all should feel proud of being associated with ITI, supaul. We all will put our best effort to make ITI, supaul  one of the best ITIs in India. But only dreaming is not enough, all we have to work hard and put our best. Discipline among the staff and trainees play a pivotal role in reaching the destination.

Faculty in this regard is back bone of training institute. They must have wide and current knowledge, communication skills and must have good practical knowledge of the trade or technical expertise, that's available with ITI, supaul.

I hope that all of you will have strong determination, dedication, devotion and discipline view to uplift the ITI. God Bless all of us.
with Regards,

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